Email Marketing with Video using Webpower and Viewed

How to create email marketing with video using Webpower and Viewed

In this tutorial you will learn how to easily create, configure and send an email marketing campaign with video that plays directly in the inbox, using Webpower and Viewed.
Yes, it’s real!

Viewed is a platform that solves the problem of embedding video with autoplay in email marketing campaigns, easy to use, mobile-friendly and 100% compatible with Webpower. You can create professional, high impact and dynamic email campaigns that increase CTR up to 173%.

1. Create your Viewed Account

If you don’t have an account, create one here. By default, you will be logged in the FREE plan, that includes 100 video impressions to make some tests. You can upgrade your plan or purchase extra video impressions as needed. Viewed delivers millions of videos in email every day. It has solid servers and is partner of Amazon and Google Cloud to deliver your videos in the emails, regardless of the volume or concurrent users.

email marketing campaign

2. Upload your Video File

Select your video file from your computer. The Viewed platform is compatible with all video formats such as mp4, avi, mov and flv. Press the green button, select your video and click the yellow button to upload it. Viewed will automatically create all the necessary video formats to be compatible with every Operating System, device or navigator.

email marketing campaign

3. Video Succesfully Uploaded

If your video has been succesfully uploaded you will see it in your Videos List with the active status. Click on the CREATE CAMPAIGN button. You should upload your video in the best quality, but with the limit of 120 Mbytes. If you need more Mb, please contact us here.

email marketing campaign

4. Create your First Viewed Campaign

Perfect! Now is time to create your first video email campaign. It’s so easy it will take you just a couple of minutes. Put a name to your Campaign and introduce the number of people you want to reach. Select Auto-play if you want your videos automatically play in the email when suscribers open the email. Note that some email clients, like Oulook Desktop PC, are not compatible with autoplay, but in this case Viewed will show a fallback image with a play icon. Everything is automated. Choose loop to play the video again and again, and mute to play it in silence.

email marketing campaign

5. Insert your Video Width

Enter the width in pixels for the size you want your video to be displayed in your HTML design. In this example we are using the standard You Tube resolution: 640px of width. An img tag is generated in order to you indicate where you want to place your video in your HTML design. Copy this img tag and open your HTML file.

6. Paste the code into your HTML Template

Paste the code created by the Viewed platform into your HTML Template. Place it where do you want to be displayed. We usually insert the code within a table tag. Then save your new HTML TEMPLATE to your computer.

7. Upload your new HTML Template

Now that you have pasted the img tag into your HTML document and you have saved changes, you have to SELECT HTML from your computer and press the NEXT button.

email marketing campaign

8. Coffee Time!

Is time to take a cup of coffee. It will take just a few minutes. Relax, our System is in charge.

email marketing campaign

9. Preview your Video Email

You can check how your video email looks. Press the blue botton to see a preview of your new video email template. In case video is not supported by some email clients, a preview video-GIF will be shown. You can view the video-GIF generated by Viewed and the fallback image for Outlook Desktop PC cases. If you are happy with this, please press NEXT, if not, you can customise this images or the animation GIF by uploading yours. When you are finished you can update to see the changes and click the NEXT button.

email marketing campaign

10. Download your Viewed HTML Template

Download your HTML VIDEO EMAIL TEMPLATE, and you’re ready to send your video email campaign with Webpower Be sure that you have enough video impressions in your Viewed counter to manage your campaign. Tipically, you will need 80% of your open rate. For example, to launch a campaign to 100,000 suscribers with an open rate of 10%, you will need aproximately 8,000 video impressions.

email marketing campaign

11. Time to Go to Webpower

Now that you have your Viewed HTML Template it´s time to go to Webpower to start your campaign. Just log in to your Webpower account.


12. Set up your Template

Webpower gives different options to send a video email campaign. If you have watched the video above, then you have a clear idea of how to set it up. If not, then will give you different options of how to do it. First of all, you have to CREATE A NEW TEMPLATE, it can be done either by pasting the entire HTML TEMPLATE CODE that has been generated by the Viewed platform or creating different blocks that can be rearranged in your layout through the DRAG AND DROP OPTION. You must GO TO THE SET UP TAB.

email marketing campaign

13. Insert or paste your HTML TEMPLATE

Click on the INSERT button where you can paste your HTML TEMPLATE CODE or edit an existing one.

email marketing campaign

14. Paste your HTML TEMPLATE

You can paste here the HTML TEMPLATE you have downloaded from the Viewed platform and click OK.

email marketing campaign

15. Set up your Campaign

After you have pasted your code and created a NEW TEMPLATE, go to the CONTENT TAB and click on the INSERT BUTTON if you want to generate a NEW CAMPAIGN. In order to CREATE YOUR CAMPAIGN successfully, you MUST LINK YOUR CAMPAIGN WITH THE TEMPLATE you have set up in the steps before.

email marketing campaign

16. Schedule Sending Options

Now that you have finished to set up your TEMPLATE and your CAMPAIGN, you must schedule your sending options. Go to the SEND tab in the menu and click on. Then click the INSERT BUTTON and you can customize all your sending details. It’s important to choose the MAILING SEND CAMPAIGN you want to send.

email marketing campaign

Email Marketing with Video using Webpower and Viewed

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