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Add video to emails in three easy steps

1. Upload your video

Adapting your video to all email platforms

Click on the “Upload video” button, fill in the form and select the video file in your computer, drag and drop it, or input the YouTube URL. Select the width in pixels you want your video to be displayed in your HTML email template. Viewed Video Email Platform will automatically create more than 20 different video files to be compatible with all email clients. Learn more about Viewed Video Email Technology.

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Data-driven Personalized Video Emails

2. Copy and paste the video embed code

1-to-1 Video Email from a .CSV data file

As a pioneer in embedding and playing video in email, Viewed is the first company worldwide capable of creating thousands of one-to-one data-driven personalized videos for email marketing campaigns. Easy integration with your ESP or using the VIEWED API.

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3. Send your video email

Real-time Personalized Video Emails

Recover abandoned shopping carts with real-time personalized videos that play within email retargeting campaigns. Videos are dynamically created and they automatically play into remarketing emails. Easy integration with your ESP or using the VIEWED API.

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