Video Email Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viewed?2019-05-13T13:29:39+02:00

Viewed is an online video platform; that automatizes the creation of email marketing campaigns with embedded video. Videos are played in the body of emails of recipients in the majority of cases. Viewed provides the technology and servers required to manage the large quantity of data traffic generated when a big video email campaign is launched.

What do I need to create a video email campaign?2019-05-13T17:09:22+02:00

You only need a video and HTML Template. After that, you only have to follow the Wizard steps and you will be able to download a final HTML ready to send through your ESP (Email Service Provider)

In what format should I upload my videos to create a video email campaign?2019-05-13T17:06:40+02:00

You can use several formats (.mov, .mp4, .avi, .divx, .webm, .ogg, .xdiv, .flv, .3gp) and we recommend you use the best resolution possible. Viewed transforms your video into many different formats and resolutions to get the right compatibility. Viewed automatically creates a video in GIF format and an image that will be used as the first frame of the video.

I do not have HTML template, Video or Email Service Provider2019-05-15T17:36:22+02:00

You can contact with one of our agency partners for creating HTML templates, videos and sending system. Check our partners section or send us an email to info@viewed.video

I have heard of email clients that don’t support video in the inbox, What does Viewed do in these cases?2019-05-15T18:01:00+02:00

Viewed detects the user’s technology, OS, email client, navigator and device… With these parameters, it calculates the optimum conditions needed in order to deliver videos in each individual case. There are three possibilities:
The video is shown directly in the user’s email and it plays automatically.
A non-audio video is played (GIF format), but when the user clicks the video plays with audio
A one click to play image is shown. Users view the video when they click the image. See compatibility.
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I have already an ESP (Email Service Provider) and I don’t want to change, can I use Viewed and keep using my ESP?2019-05-15T17:34:00+02:00

Yes, you can. Viewed is compatible with the majority of ESPs in the market. When you have the Wizard steps completed you will be able to download your video email in HTML format. This file must be loaded in your ESP and sent with no modifications in the code. Be sure your ESP is 100% compatible. Some ESPs, like MailChimp are not, because they modify the video email code. We recommend you to make some tests before launching a big campaign. You can contact our Support Department to make sure your ESP is 100% compatible with video in email.
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I don’t have an Email Service Provider. Can I use Viewed to send my video email campaign?2019-05-15T17:43:06+02:00

No. Viewed is not an ESP, but we have some ESPs tested like Sendgrid, MailRelay, Campaign Monitor, etc. that are 100% compatible.
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I’ve created a campaign and I’ve submitted a test submission, but the video does not play in the email.2019-05-15T17:47:24+02:00

For some email clients, such as Thunderbird, the video is played in the recipient’s email, but Thunderbird does not support autoplay. Although if you clicked this option when you create the campaign, the user must click on the video to see it.

How much do I have to pay to use the service?2019-05-15T18:42:20+02:00

We have different plans based on your data base size. All our plans have unlimited video views and unlimited campaigns.

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Do I have to pay to test it out?2019-05-15T18:40:34+02:00

No. You don’t have to pay anything. If you want to try out Viewed you can sign up and try it for free with 10.000 video views per month (watermark included). If you don’t want a watermark on your videos you can upgrade your plan.
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What happens if all of my video impressions (free plan) are used up?2019-05-16T10:37:37+02:00

In this case, an alternative image, which you can chose when creating the campaign will be displayed. Everything is done to ensure your to users have a positive experience.

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