Enhance your email marketing campaigns in Hubspot, regular or automated ones, with the best technology in the market to really embed and playback video within emails.

Enjoy up to 10,000 video views per month with the free plan.

How to embed the video

You must create an account at www.viewed.video and upload your video. Then follow the steps in the platform to create the campaign and copy the video ID as indicated in the tutorial. Paste this video ID in the required field in Hubspot and your video will appear in your html template. Configure the size, autoplay, sound and other parameters of your video and complete your email template as usual in Hubspot. That’s all! Your video email is ready to work in regular or automated campaigns.

Please access this tutorial to find out how to start:

You also need to download our module from Hubspot marketplace. You can find it in the email section.

1. Select your campaign in Viewed.

Select your campaign in Viewed and copy its video ID. You can do this in the dashboard by clicking on the “copy” button. Or you can go into the campaign and copy the video ID by clicking on the “Copy Video ID” menu button on the left side.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 1

2. Time to go to Hubspot.

Now it is time to go to Hubspot to start your campaign. Just log in your Hubspot account.

3. Create your campaign.

Go to the EMAIL section to create the campaign. Go to MARKETING > EMAIL and click on CREATE EMAIL to create a new campaign and select one item.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 2

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 3

4. Select your template.

Select your template. Remember, the only requirement is that the template has to allow drag & drop modules.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 4

5. Add Viewed module.

Click on the “+ MORE” button to see the modules downloaded from the Marketplace (If you haven’t download it yet it’s time to do it now). Drag and drop the Viewed module to the location you want the video in the email.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 5

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 6

6. Add the Viewed video ID

Paste the video identifier and you will see your video in your template.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 7

7. Video setup

Set the width and height of the video in your template. This should be the same size as the file when you created the campaign. You can also configure the alignment of your video.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 8

8. Video behavior

Configure the features for your video. * This also depends on the email client. For example, the autoplay with sound is blocked in several email clients.

Viewed- Hubspot tutorial 9

9. Ready!

Done! your campaign is now ready to send!

Compatibility and some video email restrictions

Despite VIEWED provides with the best video email technology nowadays, some email clients are not fully compatible with video files. In these cases, the recipients of your email will receive a video-GIF or a fallback click-to-play image. VIEWED automatically creates up to three different video-GIF files intended to mobile, tablet or desktop users than are not able to playback the video within the email. Then users will be able to make click on the video-GIF to open and watch the video with sound in a landing page. Even so, approximately 15% of contacts will also not be able to see a video-GIF. These contacts will automatically receive a click-to-play fallback image. You can visit www.viewed.video/technology/ and download the “compatibility table” to learn more about the format that every contact will receive.