Create thousands of personalized
videos from a .csv data file

Personalized video email at scale

Play personalized videos into emails at scale and increase your revenue

From congratulating the birthday to making a special offer, offering a one-time trip, a mortgage, car insurance, a product demo or an invitation to a digital event. Everything has more value if the user experience is personalized!

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Capture your customer’s attention and stand out from your competitors
playing personalized videos in your emailing campaigns.
There are multiple applications and benefits!

email marketing campaign
Evolve the way your brand communicates with your customers via email

Users are unique, and your video email communications should be too. Create thousands of personalized videos that are playable into emails. Give your users a special treat!

more visibility
Give your personalized videos more visibility

Take advantage of personalization and show your videos on SMS, push notifications or Social Networks. Once your personalized video has been created, you can give it a try into other digital channels to increase conversions.

ABM and sales


Did you know that your sales team can easily send personalized videos adapted to the client? Test it now!

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How do personalized video email at scale work?

Contact our specialized team to identify your marketing goals. Use your video or we can help you create one from your brief. Work with your exclusive Account manager to define all the personalized elements inside your video. Texts, numbers, dates, prices, images, music, voiceover, language, all can be personalized one-to-one for every customer.

Personalized video at scale - Viewed
  • Step 1: Create a .CSV file with all the data to be personalized.

  • Step 2: VIEWED’s technology automatically will create all personalized videos to be embedded in your email campaign, adding a new column to your .CSV with the “video ID” for every subscriber.

  • Step 3: Embed the VIEWED’s personalized video code in your HTML Email Template.

  • Step 4: Upload the new .CSV to your CRM or ESP as when you personalized a text with names or other parameters and send your email campaign as usual.

This is much more than creating personalized videos at scale to email campaigns.
You have a team of video marketing experts to help you grow

360 consulting

360 video email marketing consultancy

Take advantage of Viewed’s knowledge to review your video and email strategy and improve your results. Take action with an innovative video email annual plan.


Statistics dashboard

Track your campaigns and video performance to take decisions about your next campaigns.

content creator

Content creation

Trust in Viewed Creative Team to develop your video content, from the ideation to production and editing the video. Everything is thought to be personalized and played into an email.


Easy integrations

Connect your project with your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce…) or your ESP (Mailchimp, Mailup…) to easily manage your personalized campaign.

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Need professional services?

Depending on your plan, you can upload unlimited videos or even enjoy unlimited views. Account Manager to get started, create and develop your campaign. 360 video email marketing consultancy: ideation, creativity and content creation. Premium services: create your ideas and goals. Advanced statistics: closely track every campaign, always knowing where and when you generate more impact.

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