Video in Email for Marketing Teams

Host all your videos and get massive Viewed Videos in Emails, landing pages and digital marketing campaigns. Measure your videos impact. Stand out from competition with Data-driven Personalized Videos at scale.
Autoplay Video in Email Inbox
Qualified traffic and cross-selling
Use VIEWED Video Email Solution to acquire new qualified customers from external databases and for cross-selling or loyalty campaigns to your existing customers.
A Unique Video Email SaaS Platform

Upload your video, copy the video embed code and paste it into an HTML block in your Email Editor. Use VIEWED in your email marketing or remarketing campaigns. Your creativity has no limits. Use your existing Email Marketing Platform (ESP) for sending campaigns as usual. 85% of videos will be viewed directly inside the email of your customers.

Vídeos Personalizados para Email Marketing

Data-driven Brand Videos Playing in Email Marketing Campaigns

Boost conversions

Use Viewed Personalized Video Emails to create impactful campaigns and boost conversions. You will see a significant decrease in bounce rates, while increasing visit times and conversions.

1-to-1 Video Email from a .CSV data file

As a pioneer in embedding and playing video in email, Viewed is the first company worldwide capable of creating thousands of one-to-one data-driven personalized videos for email marketing campaigns. Easy integration with your ESP or using the VIEWED API.

Recover abandoned carts with real-time personalized videos in remarketing emails
Re-engage your customers

Use  VIEWED to increase conversions creating personalized videos in remarketing campaigns

Real-time Personalized Video Emails
Recover abandoned shopping carts with real-time personalized videos that play within email retargeting campaigns. Videos are dynamically created and they automatically play into remarketing emails. Easy integration with your ESP or using the VIEWED API.
Live Video Streaming in Email Marketing

Promote your TV channels

Get more subscribers to your live events, promoting your sports TV channels, musicals, concerts or others, with VIEWED Live Video Streaming in Email.

Live events can now play in email

Create personalized videos from your live events, adding data to the video, time, scoring, names, etc. and a Call-T0-Action bottom to take users to see the event being broadcast live.  

Discover our video email success stories

Meliá Hotels International

We increased the number of reservations
with 100% personalized offers

Data-driven personalized video for remarketing in real time, with pictures of the hotel, price, destination, dates and even with a voiceover in the user’s login language.

In the heart of the Big Apple
Enjoy New York as if you were the star of a a movie in this centrally located, modern hotel in Chelsea with suites with terraces and spectacular views of the Empire State building. Broadway and Times Square are just a few minutes walk away.


Personalized conditions for each customer

We combine video email with personalized video email. We improved your acquisition metrics and qualified the database through video email campaigns and later we boost your conversion rates through personalized video in email.


Las oportunidades nos rodean solo hay que saber identificarlas y lanzarse a por ellas.

BBVA Bconomy

Te ayudamos a aprovechar las tuyas
con información sobre tu dinero que antes no tenías. Porque cuanto más sabes, mejor decides.


Engage your users, show their personalizations

Personalization as far as you want, voice, texts, images, video cuts. Segment and love your users with your campaigns. Transform positive results into metrics that you could not imagine reaching.

Hasta ahora, cada etapa de nuestra vida se ha tenido que adaptar a un tipo de vehículo. Estereotipos creados con una sola función: clasificarnos. Limitarnos.

No se podía, o no se debía, tenerlo todo. Siempre debíamos dar prioridad a uno de nuestros mundos, en vez de poder vivir cada uno de ellos.

Descubra el nuevo Clase E All-Terrain y nunca más volverá a renunciar a nada.


Recommendations personalized in real time

Our personalized email video campaigns for remarketing increase your conversions. Personalize your recommendations, type of insurance, prices… A completely personalized offer in real time in each email.

Seguro de moto
¿Sabes que otros usuarios se ahorran de media 67€ al año en su seguro de moto?
No pagues más, compara y calcula tu mejor MEJOR precio en tres minutos.


Increase your ROI, personalize your mails

An audience that follows your brand is always receptive to your communications, but how to improve your conversion rates? Launch video email campaigns and improve your acquisition, recover abandoned carts through personalized video.

be true to yourself

Have you chosen your favorites yet? Watch the fashion film.
Get inspired by our protagonists’looks and adapt them
to your own style.

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Vodafone Most Innovative SME 1st Prize
Most Innovative Email Technology 3rd Prize
Best Startup in Spain 1st Prize