Instantly make videos from your eCommerce
to recover abandoned shopping carts

Personalized video email for eCommerce

Connect your eCommerce to VIEWED and dynamically create personalized videos at scale for remarketing emails

Get more impact and multiply your conversions with personalized content. Dynamically create personalized videos with audio and script in the user’s language, including photos, prices and description of an item or list of products that the customer visited.

Capture your customer’s attention and stand out from your competitors
with the use of dynamic and real-time personalized videos.
Take a look at the following applications and there’s more!

recover carts

Recover abandoned carts

Re-engage your customers with a personalized video automatically created from the pictures, description and prices in your eCommerce. Embed and play these videos in your remarketing emails to drive the completion of the process. Download Meliá Success Case…

special welcome

Give your clients a special welcome

First impression counts the most! Make your customers fall in love with your brand at first sight. Send them a special welcome that includes personalized videos using the data collected in the registration form.

report status

Report the status of the order

Gain the confidence of your customers sending emails with dynamic video content created from the status of their order.

How do in-email personalized videos for eCommerce work?

Contact our specialized team to identify your marketing goals. Choose a video template. Work with your exclusive Account manager to define all the personalized elements inside your video. Texts, numbers, dates, prices, images, music, voiceover, language, all can be personalized for increasing impact and results with your real-time remarketing campaign. Follow next steps:

Viewed - Personalized video for eCommerce - Scheme
This is much more than using personalized video email for eCommerce.
You have a team of video marketing experts
to help you to increase revenue.
360 consulting

360 video email marketing consultancy

Take advantage of Viewed’s knowledge to review your video and email strategy and improve your results. Take action with an innovative video email annual plan.

video pattern

Choose from different video patterns

Many different video patters are available according to your brand image. Trust our video marketing expert team to help you choose the best option for your eCommerce.


Statistics dashboard

Track your campaigns and video performance to take decisions about your next campaigns.


Easy integrations

Connect your project with your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce…) or your ESP (Mailchimp, Mailup…) to easily manage your personalized campaign.

Need professional services?

Depending on your plan, you can upload unlimited videos or even enjoy unlimited views. Account Manager to get started, create and develop your campaign. 360 video email marketing consultancy : ideation, creativity and content creation. Premium services: create your ideas and goals.Advanced statistics: losely track every campaign, always knowing where and when you generate more impact.

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