Promote live events or TV channels
with video streaming via email

Live video streaming via email

Make your clients live the moment. Broadcast live and play in email

Use live video streaming via email to easily create personalized videos from live events, add data to your videos, time, scoring, names, etc. and a call to action to take your potential customers to watch the event that is being broadcasting live.

live video streaming via email

Improve the engagement of your users, customers and employees with live video streaming via email!

live events


Promote live events in email

Share live the last seconds of your event to thousands of viewers and get more subscribers to your streaming channel. Get more engagement with potential customers and employees.



Scale your training programs

Train your team and your clients. Broadcast small doses of ad-free training and synchronize attendance, engagement and loyalty.

tv channels


More audience for your programs

Promote your TV programs by showing a little piece of live video content in the email of your potential users. Get more users to your digital channels.

How live video streaming via email work?

Need professional services?

Depending on your plan, you can upload unlimited videos or even enjoy unlimited views. Account Manager to get started, create and develop your campaign. 360 video email marketing consultancy : ideation, creativity and content creation. Premium services: create your ideas and goals.Advanced statistics: losely track every campaign, always knowing where and when you generate more impact.

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