55% Open Rate


40x Better ROI


+65% CTR

of video in email


3x Conversions


+ Context



Benefits of video in email marketing

Take the results of your marketing actions to another level

Create highly effective campaigns with spectacular response rates and conversions, while building a more powerful brand image. VIEWED offers you a unique suite of personalized video solutions. You want to know why?

Videos are the most powerful communication format

54% of users prefer to watch videos of the brands they like. With Viewed, brands can reach users for branding or conversion after visiting a website with personalized videos, created automatically in real time.

Viewed the only company able to embed video in emails

Using our own polymorphic code, we can embed videos in the emails you send, either in email marketing campaigns or for retargeting.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, only Viewed can guarantee an 85% viewed rate of videos to the body of e-mails

Automated, personalized
and unlimited

Unlimited capacity to generate and send dynamic videos through an automated process. Reach all your users.

The new video remarketing revolution!

Customers love video. You will love it too

Viewed improves

Para estrategias de branding o mejora de conversiones, incluir videos en tu estrategia de marketing mejora tus resultados: mayor número de ventas y mejor ROI, aumento de hasta 170% en el CTR de tus campañas de email y hasta un 100% de aumento en conversiones. Mejorará tu estrategia de marca y la percepción de la misma.

With Viewed everyone
gets the video

Viewed videos can be used in display, social media and retargeting campaigns on websites, in addition to being embedded into emails. Thanks to the real-time detection of the technology of each email, Viewed sends the best possible format.

Real-time monitoring of the campaign effectiveness

Dashboard with opening and playback metrics of your videos, so you know how they are working.

Instant Personalized Video for Remarketing vs Traditional Email Marketing

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