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• 5 videos/month
• 10,000 views/month
• Basic statistics
• Watermark


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Recommended for campaigns of up
to 100k emails per month

• Unlimited videos
• 10,000 views/month
• Advanced statistics
• No watermark

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Recommended for campaigns of up to 1 Million emails per month

• Unlimited videos
• 100,000 views/month
• Advanced statistics
• No watermark
• Account manager
• Premium services


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Recommended for +1 Million emails per month and/or personalized video solutions

• Unlimited videos
• Unlimited views/month
• Advanced statistics
• No watermark
• Account manager
• Premium services
• 360 Video email consulting
• Ideation, creation and production of the
video pattern

• Automatic video generation with script, text and personalized voiceover per each user and multi-language

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Features and services included in the plans

account manager

Account Manager

Personalized attention at all times. What does it mean?

A person of the video team intented exclusively for your company to help with all the configurations, tests, set up…

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Premium services

Here’s what’s included in the services:

• Schedule the campaign or choose a number of target views.
• Add a call to action within the video and speed up the visits to your website.
• Show the entire video on your own website when the user clicks on the preview of your video in the email.
• Get your subscribers to share the video within the email.

360 Video Email Consulting

We are your partner to:

• Content analysis CRM Campaigns, proposal of improvements and personalized.
• Ideation, Creativity and realization of audiovisual content adapted to the email channel.
• Email template design in responsive HTML and HTML tag optimization.

# videos per month

Number of total videos the customer can upload to the VIEWED platform each month to create their customer’s campaigns, regardless of whether the user subsequently decides to delete any of the videos.

# views/month

Number of video views, whether they occur within the email or on a landing page. At the informational level, the average of views on open emails is 85%. Therefore the number of views also depends on the open rate. That is, if the user does not open the email, there is no video playback and therefore there are no views.

A Watermark

It’s the VIEWED logo overlay on videos. The watermark is located below to the left of the video. To remove it you may hire a payment plan.

Basic statistics

You will have at your fingertips:

• Basic data
• Not shows time viewed
• Not metrics about events in the video

Advanced statistics

You will have at your fingertips:

• Advanced and geolocation data
• Metrics about viewing time
• Events about how your video works

Video Pattern

We help you create the video pattern or the video master and then personalize it for each user, from the brief to the production of the entire video. If you already have an audiovisual agency, we adapt and collaborate with it to integrate the videos into the system.

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