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Boost your results with Viewed’s innovative technology for embedding autoplay videos in email

Enhance Retention

Captivate interest in less than 5 seconds and break the monotony of the inbox with videos that play automatically within the email.

Maximize ROI

Increase your conversion rates up to 200% compared to traditional email, thanks to the persuasive power of video in email.

Increase traffic to your website

Increase Interaction

Send emails with videos to drive clicks and increase traffic to your website.

How does Viewed’s technology work?

While adding video to email may seem like a straightforward task, it is not

Viewed’s adaptive technology streamlines the automatic playback of your video within the email as soon as the user opens the message, overcoming compatibility issues between different inboxes, devices, and operating systems. Viewed generates over 20 different formats from your video and delivers, in real time, the optimal format tailored to each recipient.

When opening the same email on different email providers and devices, the distinction becomes noticeable.

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Uncover the significant difference with our proven technology. Witness how video in email outperforms traditional campaigns. Enhance your marketing strategy with Viewed’s effective innovation









Our Solutions

Solutions video

Video in Email

Video email marketing that looks great in any inbox

Captivate interest in less than 5 seconds and break the monotony of the inbox with videos that play automatically within the email.

Solutions personalized video scale

Personalized Video

Personalized, data-driven, unlimited videos at scale

Personalized videos that resonate and captivate your audience. Connect your eCommerce to VIEWED and dynamically create personalized videos.

Live video streaming via email

Video Streaming

Broadcast your events live through email campaign

Elevate your events with email streaming video. Share the excitement in real-time, captivating thousands of viewers and expanding the audience at each event.


Customer review - Javier Sánchez

“Viewed has allowed Meliá Hotels International to advance in the personalization of our clients’ experience, through a digital action in real time, more attractive and effective.”

Javier Sánchez Ruíz, Global Own Marketing Channels at Meliá Hotels International
Customer review - Diego Fernandez

“Viewed proposes brands to evolve in the way they communicate via mail with their customers. Its technology is very powerful and we can take advantage of its capabilities in the current strategies that the agency manages with its own clients.”

Diego Fernández, Managing Director at Ogilvy Upcelerator Barcelona
naomi Marketing Manager en Trainingym

“Using Viewed has been a good decision, because it is a super intuitive platform to use and it has allowed us to improve our conversion rate up to 65% and improve the user experience.”

Naomie Martín, CMO - Marketing Manager en Trainingym

Personalized Videos for Email Marketing

Transform your Data into Impactful Experiences for your audience

Break free from communication monotony. Each person is special, with different interests and needs. With Viewed, personalize your videos to reach each customer uniquely. Leave behind generic communication and truly connect with your audience.

Viewed seamlessly integrates with various data management software through our API to create thousands of personalized 1-to-1 videos for diverse email marketing campaigns, including promotional messages, abandoned cart recovery, newsletters, among other strategies.

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