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Why Viewed?

Harness the persuasive power of video to take your email marketing strategy to the next level and engage your target audience.

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Email Deliverability

Enjoy worry-free deliverability. Your videos are delivered in real-time from our high-capacity servers with an excellent reputation.


The adaptive technology developed by Viewed has a high level of compatibility with various email clients and devices on the market.

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Build strong connections with your users, increase CTR by up to 170%, and achieve up to a 200% higher conversion rate, thanks to our innovative video delivery protocols.


Customer review - Javier Sánchez

“VIEWED has enabled Meliá Hotels International to advance the personalization of our customers’ experience through real-time digital actions that are more engaging and effective.”

Javier Sánchez Ruíz, Global Own Marketing Channels at Meliá Hotels International
Customer review - Diego Fernandez

“VIEWED suggests that brands evolve in the same way they communicate via email with their customers. Their technology is truly powerful, and we can leverage its capabilities in current strategies that the agency manages with its own clients.”

Diego Fernández, Managing Director at Ogilvy Upcelerator Barcelona
naomi Marketing Manager en Trainingym

“Using Viewed has been a great decision because it’s a super intuitive platform to use, and it has allowed us to improve our conversion rate by up to 65% and enhance the user experience.”

Naomie Martín, CMO - Marketing Manager in Trainingym

Pick the perfect video email pricing plan and enjoy these benefits

Watch your click-through rate, engagement, and conversion rate soar with unlimited views and hosting


Video email marketing that looks great in any inbox

$ 0/month

What you get:

  • Auto play videos in email
  • Host up to 3 videos/month
  • Unlimited views
  • Watermark
  • Video email training
  • Compatible with 99% of ESPs
  • Basic account analytics

No credit card needed

Best Buy


Video email marketing that increases web traffic and conversions

$ 79/month

Upgrade your plan:

  • Host unlimited videos.
  • Up to 25,000 views/month.
  • Remove watermark.
  • Video configuration.
  • Add a custom Call-To-Action inside your video.
  • Make your videos clickable.
  • Advanced real-time analytics.

Cancel at anytime


High-volume video email marketing. Personalized, data-driven, unlimited videos at scale

From $ 399/month
tailored to your needs

Everything in Professional +

  • Unlimited views
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Personalized videos at scale
  • Data-driven videos for eCommerce and remarketing
  • Custom integration with your ESP or CRM
  • Custom domain configuration
  • Embed your video into your own landing page or website in HD.
  • Live video streaming in email

Recover abandoned carts with automatic personalized videos

Create transactional or remarketing campaigns with converting videos.

Viewed has the capability to generate thousands of 1-to-1 personalized videos for various industries, including fashion, beauty, travel, and any other online businesses. Additionally, Viewed seamlessly integrates with various types of data management software like CRMs, CDPs, DSPs, DMPs, Adserver, among others, through our API to incorporate real-time personalized videos.


Unlike clickable images with YouTube links, embedding a video in an email using Viewed helps you grab the recipient’s attention within the first seconds of opening the email. There’s no advertising, so they see your content right away. What’s more, Viewed email videos weigh less because they are hosted, streamed, and delivered from our highly available CDN servers (categorized as high quality) rather than shared directly within the email.

In contrast, GIFs aren’t always compatible with all email clients and are often too big for emails, causing them to be blocked by Gmail and Yahoo. They are also lower quality than videos and only support 256 colors, unlike the millions supported for videos. To learn more about the benefits of personalized video email marketing with Viewed, check out our Why Viewed section.

Viewed has been developed to create large video email marketing campaigns, so we can only send out video emails with an ESP, CRM, or email marketing software.

At Viewed, we’ve made it easy to embed a video in email. With our unique technology, you simply upload your video to our platform, and our technology automatically creates different media formats from your video. We then give you an HTML code or ID to copy and paste into your email template. You can check our tutorials for a step-by-step guide.

It’s very unlikely. When you embed a video in email with Viewed, the video is hosted and delivered from our high-speed servers, with highly-ranked IPs, improving the deliverability of the media.

Yes! We’ve developed an adaptive technology that can detect each recipient’s device and operating system, delivering the right video format for your chosen email service. Read more about it in our compatibility article.

Our technology is compatible with 99% of email marketing platforms (check our list of integrations here). There are many ESP (Email Service Providers) on the market. If the one you’re looking for isn’t on the list, it just means we are yet to check its compatibility. If this is the case, please contact us via the chat, and we’ll arrange for its availability.

It’s unlimited! Once you register on our platform, you can access it forever.

Views are counted as soon as the recipient plays the video. Even if the video within the email is played in a loop, it’s still only counted as a single view. If the recipient’s device analyzes the email’s cache, and the same email is opened multiple times from the same device, it counts as one view. Unopened emails or accounts that have been blocked from receiving images will not be counted.

Our technology only counts one in three opens on iOS devices. This counteracts the opens by Apple Proxy servers from Apple Mail Privacy Protection.

It’s easy to remove the watermark by upgrading to a paid plan. Just remember that watermarks on the videos within the FREE plan won’t automatically disappear if you upgrade. You’ll need to re-upload them after upgrading your plan to host them without a watermark.

Learn more about our plans and our innovative technology by scheduling a demo or checking out our tutorials.

The beauty of our ENTERPRISE PLAN is that it is tailored to your company’s needs. It is specifically designed with a high volume of emails and personalized video email marketing campaigns in mind. To find out more, book a meeting with our team, and we’ll take you through it all.

Yes! If you’re a marketing agency or send a high volume of emails, we can create a bespoke plan that fits your needs. Book a meeting with us to find out more.

Contact us through our live chat or fill out the form to get technical support. You can find all the information you need within our platform upon registration.