The power of video,
the reach of email marketing

Achieve 90% email video views. Harness the power of video in email marketing campaigns with Viewed. Personalize, host and embed videos in an email to connect with customers. Watch your click-through rate (CTR), engagement and conversion rate soar.

Seamless Autoplay

8 seconds  is all it takes…

To grab a customer’s attention. Consumers’ inboxes are constantly deluged with sales content. Stand out with the persuasive power of video embedded in each email. Reach new audiences and boost brand loyalty. No click-throughs, just one instant video.

Reach your audience with ease

Embedding a video in an email has never been easier or safer. Viewed creates HTML code to embed in your marketing emails before sending through trusted ESP or Emailing Software.

Now free & unlimited
Viewed Video Email Platform

Kickstart your personalized video marketing strategy

Boost conversions

Create impactful email marketing campaigns that connect with your target audience and boost engagement and sales with Viewed’s cutting-edge video email marketing services. Increase your conversion rates by up to 800%, see a marked increase in website visit times by up to 95%, and note a 40% reduction in bounce rates. The figures say it all.

Easy integration

The first global company capable of creating thousands of one-to-one, data-driven personalized videos for email marketing campaigns, Viewed are pioneers in personalized video email marketing, with eight years of experience under our belt. Easily integrate a .CSV data file with your ESP (Email Marketing Platform), or use the Viewed API.

Data-driven Personalized Video Emails

Recover abandoned carts with personalized videos

Re-engage customers

Dramatically increase conversions by using personalized videos in your remarketing email campaigns. Show potential customers what they’re missing out on, remind them who you are and find a new way to present your product.

Real-time personalized video emails

Recover abandoned shopping carts with real-time personalized videos, which are dynamically created and automatically play into your remarketing emails. Videos are easily integrated with your ESP or using the Viewed API.

personalized video email

Stream live videos in your email marketing

Promote your TV channels

Looking for a new way to promote your sports channels, musicals, concerts, and more? Get more views for monetized videos and decrease your bounce rate.

Live streaming via email

Create inspiring personalized videos from your live events to encourage click-throughs. Add video data, time, scoring, names, and additional user-friendly information, as well as a clear call-to-action button directing users to the event live stream.

Live video email


Customer review - Javier Sánchez

“Viewed has allowed Meliá Hotels International to advance in the personalization of our clients’ experience, through a digital action in real time, more attractive and effective.”

Javier Sánchez Ruíz, Global Own Marketing Channels at Meliá Hotels International
Customer review - Diego Fernandez

“Viewed proposes brands to evolve in the way they communicate via mail with their customers. Its technology is very powerful and we can take advantage of its capabilities in the current strategies that the agency manages with its own clients.”

Diego Fernández, Managing Director at Ogilvy Upcelerator Barcelona
naomi Marketing Manager en Trainingym

“Using Viewed has been a good decision, because it is a super intuitive platform to use and it has allowed us to improve our conversion rate up to 65% and improve the user experience.”

Naomie Martín, CMO - Marketing Manager en Trainingym

Our innovative personalized video email marketing services have helped the world’s leading brands

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Entrepreneur XXI
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1st Prize

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Most Innovative Email Technology
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